Sunday, June 19, 2011


After watching the Royal Wedding, like all the other viewers, I was fascinated by the hats worn by the guests. I had to have one! I was lucky to have an occasion coming up where I could wear something a little outrageous. Etsy was my first stop. I searched and searched for the perfect fascinator - of course it would be black and have feathers. The artists on Etsy are incredibly talented and they charge a pretty penny for their work. I'm sure there was a slight increase in the prices since the Royal Wedding was the topic of many discussions. But... I could't bear to pay someone else for work that I was fully capable of doing.

So, I scoured the web for ideas, inspiration and instruction. I checked out one of my favorite sites - PS I Made This. The team of ladies on this site are amazing! They had exactly what I needed! I made a list of the supplies I thought I'd use and headed off to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Jo-Ann had a few things that I needed. I bought some tulle and two packages of feathers. Turns out that I already had a headband adorned with a big round feather. Perfect!

I hate that I always forget to take pictures during my projects! I did it here too. Bummer.

The fascinator was awesome and it made me feel so sassy! Several people asked me about it - not sure if they really thought it was cool or wanted to tell me we weren't in Europe. Whatever! Congratulations to Dylan and Tracy Boyer!